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The Toolkit For Bloggers and Marketers To Post Content Automatically To ANY Facebook and LinkedIn Group.
Start Posting to all Facebook and LinkedIn Groups you have joined with a simple mouse click!

Benefits of Using GP Group Poster

Extremely Effective

100%  Unique

Easy To Use

Perfect Time Saver

What is GP Group Poster?
GP Group Poster is a LinkedIn and Facebook Group Auto Poster Chrome Extension designed to assist you minimize marketing costs and to save you time to engage with your audience.

Think of GP Group Poster as a LinkedIn & Facebook Content Outreach Tool that boost your Traffic goals.

This innovative automation tool does the work for any business looking to boost its Social Media Marketing.

Why GP Group Poster?
The Group Auto-Poster is built to help Bloggers, Marketers, and Businesses reach more people on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Instead of spending hours doing the manual and repeating copy and paste work with insignificant results, you can now post automatically to Facebook and LinkedIn Groups in minutes and with little to no effort.

We have helped countless businesses reach new heights of growth within a small amount of time.

We know how stressful, time-consuming and expensive it can be to manage social media marketing, especially posting on LinkedIn and Facebook Groups.

With GP Group Poster, it's easy.
Facebook Groups Auto-Poster
You may have seen many entrepreneurs get huge sales and exposure to their businesses via LinkedIn and Facebook and wondered how that was possible. 
Takes Away Your Humble Commitment and Allows You to Watch
Your Business Grow With Lightning-Fast Speed
But this is only possible with the use of GP Group Auto-Poster
How much time have you wasted doing repetitive tasks 

that a tool could have done for you?
Facebook Groups Auto-Poster
Don't Miss the Opportunity to Automate the Creation of an Organic Network on Facebook & LinkedIn!

This is How 

LinkedIn and Facebook Group Auto Poster Tool 
Looks Like

Facebook Groups Auto-Poster
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What Group Poster Can Do For You?

Shares Your Post on ALL LinkedIn & Facebook Groups

Gets You Tons of FREE Blog & Website Traffic

Offers You World-Class Customer SUPPORT

OK, perfect!

How Groups Poster Works

Create Your Category

Create Category and Select where you want to post between Facebook and LinkedIn

Assign Group URL to Category 

Assign the Facebook or LinkedIn Group URL to the Category

Costumize Your Post

Costumize the post text

Click Start

Sit back and see how the tool does the work for you!
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Facebook Groups Auto-Poster

Don't wait any longer to take the right decision!

Get Started
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What our customers say

We love our customers, and they love us
  • GP Group Poster is a Time-Saver!
    I was always looking for a similar solution, and finally, I found it. This automation tool is necessary for making my blogging job easier.


  • It's a Blessing!
    I started using GP Group Poster, and it saved me so much time. I never can thank them enough!


    Content Marketer
  • Outstanding and More Than Just Helpful!
    GP Group Poster is Life-Time-Saver-Tool every Blogger, Author, and Content-Publisher Should Be Using.


    Marketing Manager

So let's summarize this offer

1. No Repeated Manual work anymore
2. Save 1-3 Hours Daily on Manual Posting
3. Organic Traffic Growth and Higher Lead Generation
4. More Traffic enables you to Optimize to improve results once the Data is collected continuously.
6. Warning:Limited Time Available to the Public
This is just perfect!
The Auto Poster is the perfect solution for Bloggers and Marketers that want to post automatically to Facebook and LinkedIn Groups. Instead of spending hours doing manual work or repeating copy and paste tasks, GP Group Poster posts to Facebook and LinkedIn Groups in minutes.


Tap into the Power of a Facebook & LikendIn Group Auto-Poster


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After the first day, the trial will automatically convert into a monthly subscription
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* Use with Unlimited Facebook & LinkedIn accounts

* Premium Customer Support Via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
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* Use with Unlimited Facebook & LinkedIn accounts

* Premium Customer Support Via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
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* Use with Unlimited Facebook & LinkedIn accounts

* Premium Customer Support Via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
One-Time Payment
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything to setup the GP Group Poster after purchase?

GP Group Poster is a Google Chrome Browser Extension. After purchase, you'll receive your access details and instructions.

You just have to visit the Google Web Store, click on the Add to Chrome Button and log in to the extension, and start posting.

Can I Post To LinkedIn & Facebook Groups I'm Not An Admin?

Yes, absolutely! Exactly this is the power of the GP Group Poster! 
You do not need to be an admin, but a simple member of a group. 
You can post to all LinkedIn & Facebook Groups you have joined.

Why do you offer only a 1 Day FREE-Trial and No Refunds?

1. Due to the importance of LinkedIn & Facebook Groups posting we enable serious businesses only to use our tool to help them grow their business, this is a serious customers only opportunity.

2. GP Group Poster offer enables you to apply powerful marketing techniques for business.

3. To protect the Networks from spam and abuse, we are not providing longer than 1 Day Free trials and refunds anymore.

What about support in case I need any help?

Through live chat (WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger), you can contact us anytime for anything!

The live chat icon (in red) is placed in the bottom-right corner of our website.

Furthermore, you can leave a message on chat, and as soon as possible, you will get assistance from us.

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