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How to Keep Your Facebook Group Active and Highly Engaging

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19. July 2021

The ability to generate sales from brand products is the main reason why people frequently think of setting up a Facebook group for business. Entrepreneurs want a group that has a vast marketing audience that is willing to listen and partake in whatever it has to offer.

Except you're completely aware that Facebook is a standalone marketing channel that can help your brand thrive. It is easy to join the rest of the world to think that having such influence is only about partaking in the power tussle with other competitors in your industry.

One of the advantages of having a Facebook page for your brand is that as a standalone marketing channel, it can help your brand get known quickly without the help of a blog or website. It is one of many benefits you gain from using the Facebook group, but you will need to nurture your audience from the grassroots to enjoy these benefits.

However, anything that it's worth doing is worth doing it well. It may sound easy to set up, but behind the scene is a pile of work requiring attention to achieve the ideal Facebook with engagements pouring in. But, at the end of it all, you will discover that it was worth the sacrifice.

Facebook Group Strategies

In this guide, we have put together a couple of strategies that you will need to follow seriously to achieve success with Facebook groups.
Before we list the tips that will help you keep your Facebook group active, below are some things that you need to know before you get started.

Facebook Group
  1. Create a Facebook group
    A Facebook group is the building block that you need to lay into the foundation for success. But you should bear in mind that there is a difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group. While Facebook pages are used for marketing business, Facebook groups are used mainly for interacting with your target audience. In other words, marketing is the primary aim for Facebook pages, while Facebook groups are discussion forums with minimal marketing.
  2. Your group should have at least 200 to 500 members
    The bigger your Facebook group, the higher the chances of increasing the engagements on each post. Aim to have between 200 to 500 members in the first month of creating your Facebook group. This is considered critical mass, and the moment your page achieves this level, it will start to grow by itself.
    Note; that your Facebook group will start growing by itself when it hits the critical mass point doesn't mean the entire work is over. If you become sloppy over time, your members or followers may exit the group.
  3. Your Facebook group should be centered on a theme
    Shared interest is the main reason people choose to participate in most groups. Without a theme for your page, it won't be easy to gain followers over time. Again, if there is no theme, then people won't have anything to purchase from you.
  4. Participation should be on request
    In other words, what we are trying to say is that your group should be closed, and people should only become a part of it on request.

    One might also ask if making your new prospects jump through hoops is worth it. The answer is yes! It's worth every bit of it.

How is it worth it? This is the next question that we know will follow through. The reason is that a prospect will feel a sense of exclusivity when they become a part of a closed group compared to when it's free for all. Having a closed group will help members develop a sense of responsibility and a respectful attitude if they genuinely want to continue to be a part of it. Another reason why you should opt for a closed group is that it will become easy for you to spot trolls and bots. Remember to keep the process of entrance accessible. And approve prospects into the group as soon as possible.

  1. Every new member should be welcomed by their name
    So you've closed the group, and people have started lining up to be a part of it because your group has something that they find interesting. One way to make them feel at home and loved is by giving them a personal shout-out when you have approved their request. This is will also make other members recognize them and build a rapport around them. Over time, some of your members could also personally invite their friends and loved ones to be a part of the group, which will increase its level of engagement. Another way to increase engagement is by asking the new members to say something brief about themselves and what they look forward to seeing in the group.
  2. Get other admins on board
    One tree, they say, cannot make a forest. If you want to build a group that will stand the test of time, then you will need to engage/hire other admins. If you don't have anyone in mind, choose a member of the group. If the group generates income, offer the admins some compensation for the time and effort. If a group doesn't generate money, compliment them for their effort by giving them a shout-out. This will work to strengthen them.

Now that we are done with the basic things you need to know while setting up a group, it's time for us to share tips that will help you keep the page running and active.


  1. Encourage intense discussions
    It's sensible to keep a close watch on your group members to ensure that no one goes astray or discusses things that can lead to conflict among other members. But then it does mean that you need to clamp down on every intense conversation or topic of discussion raised in the group. Remember that topics are part of the things that will keep most people interested in your group because they will allow them to jump in and share their thoughts. Again, bear in mind that things might get controversial at some point, but as long as it's within the laws of the group and interests, it should be encouraged. You can equally remind members of the group to turn on the notification button to stay up-to-date with such discussions.
  2. Set the standard
    Without rules, people will do and say all manner of things that are irrational and unreasonable. So curate rules that members of your group should abide by and remind them of it regularly. It's also vital that you remind them of the existence of such rules often because, without rules, some group members may tend to use them to advertise their product rather than contribute to the value of the group in general.

Some people think rules are meant to be broken. So you should expect that some of your group members will cross that line once in a while. When they do so, send them a private message and let them know they erred. But if they break the rules again or often, it's a sign that it could be intentional.
You can then implore strict penalties or punishments such as a ban etc.

  1. Carry everyone along
    People who are on your Facebook but not on your page could quickly feel left out. If you have room to spare in your friend request list, invite some of the members of your group who are very active to be a part of your page.
    Why will this be beneficial to your Facebook group? First, it will work because people feel a special connection to your brand when you both follow each other.
  2. Schedule regular discussions with your group members
    If you seriously want your Facebook group to remain active with more prospective members willing to join, you have to take this point personally.
    While welcoming new members, learn to encourage them to be more open and seek advice that can help them tackle their challenges.
    Having regular or scheduled discussions will have your members always come back without you needing to remind them.
  3. Giveaways
    There are a few reasons why giveaways will always win the heart of your members, and some of them are as follows; Giveaways always feel like you're rewarding your group members.

    It will encourage them to constantly want to be a part of the group to win a freebie.
    You're directly or indirectly making them curious about your brand.

If you're starting a Facebook solely to generate money, then it might take a long while before you achieve that. But when you place value before cash, you will then be killing two birds with a stone. So aim at creating value first and then sell to them only when you've positioned yourself as a leader of thought.

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