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The Must Have Blogger Outreach Tools to Minimize Your Marketing Efforts

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8. August 2021

As a brand, there will be times where you will need bloggers for either guest-posting, link-building, or any other reason that may require their service. Blogger outreach tools can tremendously ease your burden because they will help you discover relevant bloggers that will benefit your brand and build an influential contact list while running an outreach campaign at the same time.

Some blogger outreach tools will only provide integrated services for your business. But there are there other blogger outreach tools that will also help you with analytical data to check the performance of your outreach emails and better the rate of engagement.

If you have been searching for blogger outreach tools that are reliable and efficient, worry no more because, in this guide, we will be sharing a list of them.

13 Blogger Outreach Tools

The following are tools that you can magnificently use for your blogging outreach campaigns:

  1. Linked Assist
    One common challenge that most bosses encounter is not knowing how to generate leads on LinkedIn. Another challenge is how to convert those leads to customers. That is where the Linked Assist - LinkedIn Automation Tool steps in to bridge the gap between your business and its prospects. It's ideal and highly recommended for professionals, marketers, and recruiters.
  2. Gp Group Poster
    With the GP Group Poster tool, you can ensure that your posts are published evenly to your target audience. Again, this tool will also help your brand increase visibility before your prospects. What's more? GP Group Poster offers world-class support through email or live chat, making the process of building a rapport and securing a lead an easy one. This Tool is very powerful and it is also listed on the worldwide biggest marketing software marketplace called AppSumo.
  3. MuckRack
    This blogger outreach tool is a communications and PR software meant for both digital content marketers and PR executives. MuckRack software can also help you to discover bloggers, freelancers, and journalists. This specific tool helps you monitor crucial content for some keywords. If you are out to build and maintain a solid blogger outreach list, then this is the tool you should choose.
  4. BuzzSumo Outreach Tool
    The BuzzSumo tool is one of the most famous blogger outreach tools that any business owner can use to create and engage a list of influencers. This tool will also do a thorough search for influencers based on various KPIs and provide you what you need when analyzing and assessing these influencers. It will give you the chance to follow and add these influencers directly to your social media list. Most bloggers use BuzzSumo for a lot of things.

Some of which include researching the blog post's titles and then closely watching the performance of each content on either a social media platform or a search engine. This is so powerful to discover top-performing content in just about any field. The moment you can trace the most famous content in a specific niche, what you should do next is to reach out to the relevant party, make a formal intro of yourself and then make your pitch.
Below are vital features that come with BuzzSumo:
Filter by types, like different brands and influencers.
Filter by location, and that is your only desire to focus on one area.
Find top content based on the number of times people share it on social media networks.

  1. The Yesware Tool
    Yesware is one tool that permits the automation of email scheduling during your blogger outreach. This tool can create several campaigns and reach out to bloggers through emails. You can also get to personalize some of the emails that will be sent out through personalization placeholders. You will also be able to keep track of the performance of your email campaign and rate of engagement.
  2. Buzzstream Outreach Tool
    With the Buzzstream Blogger outreach tool, it's now easier for you to connect with several influencers and build a rapport with them. In this very tool are several embedded blogger outreach templates that have scope for personalization. Buzzstream is not very different from the other tools that we have already mentioned on the list; however, it has distinct features to attract a large customer base.

As you surf through a search engine, you will be able to add some bloggers and other fascinating social media profiles. You can equally save vital information that you will use later on. Once uploading a list of customized URLs, the BuzzStream tool then steps in and handles the remaining work for you. This can also come in very handy if you're among those that spend a lot of time on blogger outreach.

It has all of the features that you should expect while also providing the ability to streamline many steps of the outreach process.

  1. The Klear Tool
    The Klear tool gives you a massive competitive edge to discover and connect with bloggers from different niches. This tool will present detailed blogger analytics that will help you evaluate and choose the right blogger to help your brand grow. Klear also offers a range of integrated communications platforms that allow us to manage every other blogger relationship through one platform successfully. The Klear tool is an easy way to locate important contacts in the industry that you serve.
  2. The Ninja Outreach tool
    This is one massive influencer database that allows you to organize and run an automated email outreach and link-building campaign, content promotion, guest posting, and any other thing you have in mind. The ninja outreach tool also helps you monitor conversation history and open rates for whatever email campaign your brand is running. Another thing that distinguishes this tool from other tools is that it provides a platform for all users in every part of the world. And it does this regardless of their location and whatever language that they speak.
    Below are some of the things that this tool offers;
    It will help you personalize your templates
    With this tool, you can customize awesome templates using its accessories.

Automatic Email Outreach
The challenge that most business owners face is not having enough time to take care of everything. The ninja outreach tool is designed in such a way that it will help you save time. Additionally, it will help you keep an eye on open clicks, replies, and so much more.

It will help you track your email statistics, and instead of wondering which template will help you generate the best response while running your ad campaign, you should be more focused on those who are most interested in what your brand has to offer. This will help monitor your open rate, reply rate, and click-through rate.

  1. The Traackr tool
    The Traackr outreach tool influences relationship management on different platforms and helps you connect with influential people effectively. It's also a tool that will help you keep an eye on influencer activity and creates an avenue to connect and communicate with prospective influencers at the right time. It will equally help you measure the impact that these influencers have on your business. Your outreach efforts will become a lot more organized while using this tool. It has a variety of filtering options and will also assist you in importing existing contacts.
  2. The Group High Outreach Tool
    With over 50 million websites in Group High's database, it has become relatively easy to discover relevant bloggers and blogs that will push your brand forward. There is also an import engine embedded in this tool that lets you build a long list of bloggers with the click of a button. You can also use the embedded email outreach template to contact bloggers through a personalized pitch.
  3. The 'Follow Up Then' Outreach Tool
    This is one blogger outreach tool that is automated for email follow-ups along with your regular email outreach campaign. It requires you to include this tool whenever you want to send outreach emails to several prospective bloggers. What the tool will do afterward is follow-up at a particular set time and assist you in getting more positive results from your outreach.
  4. The Pitchbox Outreach Tool
    This is a content marketing and influencer outreach tool that every brand needs to have in the toolbox. Not only will it help you discover bloggers that will impact your business positively, but it will also help you conduct effective outreach and do the work of following up efficiently.

Below are some of the key features of the Pitchbox outreach tool
It will help you in prospecting- it will help you discover relevant and targeted opportunities such as contact info, social media profiles, website URL in whatever niche you serve.
It will also help you scale your outreach- with the use of its template; you can send more personalized messages that will increase your response rate.
It will keep you up-date with what's working and what is not so that you will know what areas you need to improve.

  1. Little Bird
    The little bird outreach tool is a powerful tool that can significantly assist you in locating expert bloggers and any relevant topic on Twitter. It will also help you connect socially with these bloggers before you proceed to send them a pitch.

Feel free to choose whichever outreach tool that you feel will give your outreach campaigns a major boost. Whether you're on a mission to find a blogger that offers services that will push your brand forward, need to build a relevant contact list, or you need to run one or several automated email campaigns one or more of the tools that we have listed in this guide will help you out.



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