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Top 16 Phrases That Boost Engagement on Facebook

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6. August 2021

The famous saying that the 'pen is mightier than the sword' couldn't have been saying better regarding Facebook marketing. Do you know that your choice of words plays a significant role when it comes to audience engagement?

Some words have powerful, persuasive qualities that act as the missing puzzle which encourages people to either like, love, comment, or share on Facebook. To get ahead of your competition, you need to know the words that are persuasive enough. Not just that, you will also need to understand how to use them in a context to generate high engagement. Over time, you will accomplish a whole lot without stress once you get used to doing this.

In this guide, we will share 16 phrases that you can add to your posts to Boost Facebook Engagement on every post you make on Facebook.

Phrases That Boost Facebook Engagement

Boost Facebook Engagement
  1. Check it out

    This is one of the most straightforward call-to-action (CTA) that you can use to boost Facebook engagement. It's also very effective when getting your target audience to do something that you want. It doesn't matter what content or update you use the phrase; it is one sure-fire way of urging Facebook users to connect with you and dig a little deeper to learn more concerning whatever is being discussed. So, whether it's a new blog post that you want them to see or you want them to visit your website to find out more, this phrase goes a long way in convincing your prospects.

  2. How To

    Humans are generally curious, and the undying quest to learn and know more concerning what interests us is what makes this phrase so powerful to include in your blog post. The zeal to always be in the know and better understand is why you should have this phrase in your posts to spike engagement and traffic. This is why there seems to be an explosion of content online talking about "how to" know this or know that—starting your blog post or Facebook update with "how-to" is an excellent way to spark the attention of your target audience and get more clicks.

  3. The Most

    "Most" is one word that suggests that something is in an extreme state. Such terms usually get people fascinated, and that is why you need to include them in your posts to boost Facebook engagement. This thing about humans makes them always want to see how far something can be taken, e.g., limits. Research has also shown that this phrase is highly effective when grabbing the attention of your potential clients and more. It can also persuade them into taking action that will increase engagement.

  4. Click to learn more

    This is one way to motivate and educate you're the knowledge seekers that fall within the range of your target audience. Research has shown that the word 'learn' is one of the most powerful words marketers and bloggers can use to compel prospects to engage more with your content. It is also another way to get the most Facebook user to take notice of your brand.

  5. Get Exclusive

    This phrase can come in handy when it comes to boosting engagement on Facebook and other social media platforms because a lot of us love the feeling of getting to have access to something that appears rare. It doesn't matter if it's access to learn more on a topic, access to a free launch, or get a product ahead of the public; this phrase is sure to give your posts a significant boost in the level of engagement it receives.

  6. Remarkable

    Daily, we come across tons of often mediocre or bland content, which triggers the desire to search for excellent content that stands out. Including the word 'remarkable' in your blog post can make all the difference. You can equally use the term to create more attention on the post you want to go viral. It will similarly help distinguish your content from others that are struggling for attention.

  7. Will Amaze You

    Adding this phrase to your context will often evoke a strong emotional reaction from your target audience. It would be best if you remember that people want to be completely blown away by amazing things so that you can take advantage and chip in this phrase every once in a while. It will go far in sparking their curiosity levels and increase excitement.

  8. Will Inspire You

    Is there anyone who doesn't want to be inspired in a world that is often bleak and negative? We guess not. People constantly seek positive things that energize and refuel them, so know when to include such a powerful phrase in your content to increase engagement. For instance, you could use it in a post that says something like "7 random acts of kindness that will inspire you today."
  9. Will Surprise You

    Emory University and Baylor College of Medicine made a study that the brain becomes instantly 'turned on' anytime that we get to experience pleasurable things that we were not expecting. Knowing this, you can now add this phrase to your Facebook update to get more clicks, shares, and comments.

  10. Would You?

    "Would you wear this?" "Would you ever do this?" However you choose to use this phrase, it can massively boost your engagement, and this is because it has a way of getting your target audience in on the action. The phrase often tries to find out people's stance concerning a subject matter and is an effective way to get them interested in whatever topic you're discussing.

  11. The Most Amusing

    When you step aside and give the massive number of shares that most funny contents get both on Facebook and all other social media platforms a thought, it only tells you that sheer amusement can equally catalyze engagement. Amusement, sometimes, is all you need to keep your target audience entertained, so include a phrase such as 'the most amusing' to increase engagement.

  12. The Best Deals/Offer

    Bargains are almost everyone's favorite, including the wealthy. We could say, 'everyone loves a good bargain.' Bargaining for something before we pay for it has a little way of making us feel both smart and savvy. It's also a means of enticing people, so try to include phrases such as "best deals or best offers" in your updates to boost Facebook engagement.

  13. Proven

    In a world where virtually everyone has an opinion concerning almost everything, there are bound to be many uncertainties. Therefore, there is a tendency that more people will most likely react or respond to concrete and definite things. Your Facebook target audience needs to be assured that something you say will improve their lives up to expectations. So, if you're confident about what you say, you can use this phrase to increase engagement.

  14. Please

    Regardless of how smart or tech-wise, we become as we advance in our career, being polite will often work things in your favor. It can also increase your likability. Who knows, it could also be that requires to warm your potential clients up to the idea of engaging with your post. It's one good etiquette that can help you drive traffic.

  15. Tell Us

    Saying things such as 'tell us what you think concerning this or that' or 'tell us about a similar encounter' are good ways that you can encourage people to give their two cents. Including such phrases in your Facebook updates can make a lot of difference when you're trying to get your target audience to leave a thoughtful comment or share their opinion concerning a topic.

  16. Imagine

    It's not enough to patch a couple of words together and then hit the publish button and then hope it engages your audience. It will help if you strived to make a difference with the words you use in your posts, and terms such as "imagine" can be used to catapult your prospect to a new realm of imagination where all things seem possible. When drafting the introductory part of your blog post, you can say something like 'imagine getting 20 fresh links from reliable blogs in one month'. Note; this phrase must not be used in the introductory part of your post. If you notice that it does not have a natural flow in your headline, you can try moving it to either a paragraph, subheading, or conclusion.

With Facebook having one of the most significant social media traffic daily, everyone who wants to make a difference must understand the fundamentals of boosting engagement. The 16 phrases that we have drafted in this article act as psychological triggers that have the power to flip a passive audience into a highly engaged one.

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