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How to Use Your Facebook Business Page to Market Your Products and Services

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7. September 2021
How to Use Your Facebook Business Page to Market Your Products and Services

How to Use Facebook for Businesses
You must have probably heard of how social media platforms like Facebook are helping brands meet their set goals, and you think it is high time you take your business to the doorstep of your prospects through one or several of these mediums.

What may seem like a challenge now is where and how to start. For a fact, an active Facebook business page can help your brand connect with its target audience and offer a range of services. It also increases your brand awareness and positions it as a credible source before your target audience.

With almost 3 billion users, Facebook is one platform that can help both small, medium, and large brands meet their social media marketing goals.
Before you jump straight into opening a business page on Facebook, you need to be sure to include basic contact information concerning your brand and then try to engage with your followers. Why? It is simple. The more engagement, the better are the chances of having your business noticed by your target audience.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of Facebook pages, how to create a Facebook page, and tips that will help you improve your social marketing strategies so that they can reach a much larger audience.

As a small business trying to gain grounds and generate leads, you might be missing out on opportunities if your business is not on Facebook. Reason being that Facebook provides small companies with a couple of ways that they can promote their products/services, increase their customer support, and so much more.

Before we dive into giving you the tips, first, you have to know that it may be challenging for most businesses due to several rules guiding Facebook and how often the algorithm changes. But don't worry, it's not rocket science. You can turn this platform into the perfect tool for targeting your prospects through various sponsored campaigns with the right strategies.


Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Company page is a free web page that gives companies the golden opportunity to push their brand to its peak. But with lots of businesses present on Facebook, you will need to put in what is required to make your business page stand out from the crowd.

There are lots of benefits that your brand can gain from you doing business on Facebook.
Some of which includes;

  1. List basic contact information.
    This particularly helps people that are either not fully aware of your business services to more about it, get crucial details such as when your phone line or storefront is open, and so on. A Facebook business page serves as a one-stop-shop for listing information of this type.
  2. It will help in engaging new and existing clients
    Not all of your target persona will be privileged to see all that happens inside your business. But with a Facebook page, you can give them hints such as shots from behind the scenes with your team of experts and a general overview of your company activities. It can also serve to keep your followers up-to-date with the latest product, discounts, offers, and other things.
  3. It will help you know your audience.
    Facebook for business has embedded tools that will provide the assistance you need to determine your target audience's demographics accurately. With that information, you can now make a more informed move and develop better strategies that will help you reach your prospects.
  4. It will increase your web traffic.
    Do you know that you can increase the amount of traffic that comes to your website by simply linking your company's website to your Facebook business page? It works like magic! If you can get more people to your website, it means the chances of these people having to read the in-depth descriptions of your products and services will also be more significant. Not forgetting the fact that some of these visitors may see what they like and patronize you.
  5. It will improve your brand's SEO.
    Your Facebook business page not only improves your social media presence but is also a way to boost your rankings in search engine queries. It is equally helpful in terms of passing vital information concerning your business to your target audience. Here you can discover more deeply about Facebook Page SEO

Now that we are through with the benefits of having a Facebook page, it is now time for us to share tips that will guide you into creating one for your brand.
The steps are as follows;

  1. Create your Facebook business page.
    Setting up the right account is the first step in creating a Facebook business page for your brand. Note; it is a Facebook page that you are making and not a Facebook profile. Unlike the Facebook profile for strictly sharing personal information and photos with friends and family, Facebook business pages are public profiles that allow businesses and public figures to connect with their target audience, fans, and customers. Compared to Facebook profiles, users need to hit the like button on your page before seeing updates from your brand on their timeline.
  2. You will need to answer Facebook's questions.
    To create a business page on Facebook, you will need to have a personal profile and follow the instructions. Facebook will ask you questions such as a category they will use to describe your page, the business page name, address/location, business line (s), and other pieces of information. It would be best if you considered including as much information as possible to enable your customers to navigate and learn more about your business.
  3. You will need to add a profile and cover photos.
    Facebook will provide you the option to upload both a profile and cover photo for your brand. It is necessary to upload crystal clear and professional images to help attract and improve your brand's content engagement.
  4. Properly fill in all page sections.
    There are many sections that one can choose to add to their Facebook page, but you need to note that not every section will be appropriate or required for your business. Below are some that you need to fill.

All your updates and posts will be viewed here because it is the first page that anyone who visits your profile will see.

This is where you get to enlighten your target audience concerning upcoming events of your brand. After you've created an event, you can invite people and share crucial information about the event.

This is where you will see photos, posts, and videos from your customers. It is also a section where your target audience can learn and interact more with your brand.

The most crucial section of your Facebook business page is the About section. So, you will need to accurately fill in your brand's address, website URL, contact information, and business details.

Under the Review tab, your clients have a chance to write a review concerning their experience with your brand and make recommendations. You can hide the section in settings, but it's not advisable to do so because it will help boost the credibility of your brand.

This is where you will get to showcase the services that your brand renders. You can equally choose to add any vital information such as your specialty, pricing, etc.

Note; you must fill in as many sections as you can as it will help keep your target audience engaged and informed.

Creating a business Facebook page is not the only job required to attract and keep your target audience glued to your brand. You need to create content!
Below are some ways that you can use Facebook to market your products and services.

  1. Respond to messages.
    You can use your Facebook messenger to respond to messages from your clients. Not just responding to messages alone, but also replying on time as Facebook has tools to monitor response rates so that your customers and prospects can know how soon to expect an answer.
  2. Use analytics to monitor campaign success
    The Facebook insight will provide data on the actions taken on your page, the number of views that it received, its reach, the number of engagements with your post, and a lot more. The information that it displays will help you measure the efficiency of your campaign.
  3. Know your target audience
    While promoting a post on Facebook, you can target specific demographics, interest groups, and locations. If you want your Facebook ad to run successfully, you need to know your target audience beforehand, as it will make things easier to reach them.
  4. Offer giveaways
    Driving organic traffic on Facebook can be challenging, but doing giveaways and contests can help to some extent. Before you create a contest or do any giveaway, we advise you to study and strictly follow Facebook's rules, or you could get in legal trouble.

Engagement and personalization are among the priorities of social media platforms like Facebook, so take advantage of it and communicate with your prospects in such a way that it resonates with them. Also, remember always to be consistent with your brand voice.

Additional Tips
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